About Us:

KittyKat Cat Care LLC is the best choice for cat owners seeking exceptional care for their beloved felines. Over 500 reviews on Rover.com, we are known for providing unparalleled attention and affection to your furry companions. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering the best service, ensuring that every kitten in our care is content and well-cared for at all times.

In 2022, KittyKat Cat Care LLC was born out of Samanta’s passion for cats and her constant desire to explore the world. Confronted with the dilemma of entrusting her own beloved felines to capable caretakers, Samanta recognized an opportunity to fill a void in the market and decided to create the perfect solution for all cat parents/owners who need to be away. With a professional touch, KittyKat Cat Care LLC is here to revolutionize the care and attention given to our feline friends while their owners are away.

Count on us to take care of your kitties with the same love and dedication that we would have for our own. Our highly qualified and passionate team will ensure that your felines are pampered, attended to, and cared for in the best possible way. Allow us to look after your beloved pets while you travel, so you can enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind, knowing that they are in the best hands.

The Team

Samanta - Cat Sitter/Owner and Founder

Samanta, the founder of KittyKat Cat Care LLC, has a long history of being around animals. Since her childhood in Brazil, she has always been surrounded by cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, fish and a variety of other animals. However, it is cats that hold a special place in her heart.

During her childhood, Samanta had a habit of rescuing stray kittens, taking them into her bedroom to ensure they were fed, hydrated and cared for. Despite her attempts to hide the felines, her mother always discovered them, resulting in another furry member of the family. Furthermore, in her hometown, Samanta was an active contributor to non-governmental organizations dedicated to animal protection, contributing to finding loving homes and raising funds.

Currently, Samanta is the proud owner of three adorable cats, Hodge Podge, Batata and Mia, who are her faithful companions. Her pets are considered beloved members of her family. The relationship between her and her cats is truly special, full of love and connection, enriching the lives of everyone involved with happiness and fulfillment. She recognizes the importance of care to ensure the well-being of her cats, which is why she sets aside part of her day to improve her knowledge about feline behavior, health and well-being.

Samanta has a degree in business administration, and found her true passion in caring for animals, especially cats. With lots of care and dedication, Samanta ensures that each cat under her responsibility receives individualized attention, love and safety. Her background in business administration also helps her manage the company and her career as a cat sitter in a professional and efficient manner, ensuring that each client is served in the best way possible.

Rafa - Cat Sitter

Rafaela, known as Rafa, is 27 years old and has always had pets throughout her life. Her love and respect for animals emerged from childhood and were decisive in her choice to become vegetarian. For Rafa, growing up around animals has always been a rewarding experience, however, taking care of them professionally has been even more rewarding.

Batata - President

Batata was adopted in 2020, and has since become a key player in ensuring the best care for every cat at KittyKat Cat Care LLC. With her 4 years of experience, Batata keeps a watchful eye on all her employees making sure everything runs smoothly. She’s the feline President of the company, ensuring that every kitty gets the treatment they deserve. Her professional dedication is essential to maintaining the well-being of all felines under the care of KittyKat Cat Care LLC.

Hodge Podge - Vice President

Hodge Podge, a charming 7-year-old kitten, found her forever home in 2019. With a perfectionist personality, she has her own preferences. As Vice President, she is responsible for selecting and training new team members. In addition, she conducts periodic training to teach the art of petting, playing, cleaning the litter box impeccably, washing food and water bowls, among other essential skills.

Mia - Trainee

Meet Mia, the newest addition to our team! Under the guidance of our president, Batata, Mia is getting top-notch training to help her become a purr-fect member of our company. She’s still learning the ropes, but she’s eager to lend a paw in providing the best care for your kitties. Keep an eye out for Mia as she works on her feline world domination project within the company!

Our Services

Drop in Visits

Felines are known for enjoying the comfort of their homes, right? They love to follow a routine and any change can cause stress,
bringing with it a series of health problems. But do not worry! With our daily visit service, we will take care of your cat in the comfort of your own home, ensuring your well-being and providing the best care possible, even when you are traveling or needing to be away.

Daily visits are essential to ensure your cat’s well-being, minimizing changes in routine and providing the necessary interaction. Many owners tend to leave plenty of food and water for their cats when they go away for a weekend, believing that they will be fine, but this is not true. Cats also need human presence, the exchange of fresh food and water, as well as cleaning the litter box. Leaving your cat alone for more than 24 hours is not only socially inappropriate, but it can also result in emergencies without proper care. Daily visits is the best way to prevent damage to your feline’s health and ensure its well-being.

Trust our highly qualified staff to care for your precious cat while you are away. We will be there to ensure that all of your feline’s needs are met, providing them with company, affection and personalized care to ensure their well-being and happiness at home. Our visits are adapted to the individual needs of each cat, covering aspects such as hygiene, nutrition, health and physical and emotional comfort.

Included in the visits:

  • Food replacement,
  • Water replacement,
  • Sanitizing and cleaning food and water containers,
  • Litter box cleaning,
  • Cleaning and organizing the mess your kitten makes,
  • Hair brushing,
  • Medication administration (including subcutaneous injection),
  • Sending videos and photos,
  • Playtime,
  • Love time,
  • anything else your cat needs.


Service area – Bellevue, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Yarrow Point, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell*, Woodinville*, Seattle*, Mercer Island*, Issaquah*, Sammamish*.


  • Drop in 20 min (for up to 2 cats) – $25
  • Drop in 30 min – $30 – POPULAR
  • Drop in 60 min – $50

Additional costs

  • Additional cats – $5 each
  • Holidays – $10*

*additional cost for some holidays. Consult us for more information.

*Seattle, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sammamish, Woodinville e Bothell charged an additional fee of $5 per visit.

Home Care

While you are away, some tasks need to be done and we can take care of this to ensure safety and maintain your home as if you never left.
Our Drop In services include home care, such as: bringing mail and packages, taking out the trash, watering the plants* and turning on the lights.

*Additional costs may apply.  Consult for more information.

Small animals

Leave your little friends in our care and have peace of mind knowing that they will be treated with all the care and attention they deserve. We have experience with turtles, fish, rabbits, lizards, chickens, axolotls and others.

*Additional costs may apply. Consult for more information.

To ensure excellent service, it is essential that we schedule a prior visit to get to know the evironment, the pet parents/owners and, of course, the pets that will be cared for. After contact is made through our website, we will arrange a time that is convenient for everyone. Our goal is to make this experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. No charges are made for the first meeting and greeting.

We are Licensed, bonded and Insured Cat Sitters

◆ Pet First Aid Certified  ◆ Pet CPR Certified

Time to Pet

To simplify the process of scheduling visits, payments and receiving updates while caring for your beloved kitten, we use the Time to Pet platform. Through this tool, you will receive daily information about your pet and you can choose how you want to receive it: by email, via the website or via the Time to Pet app. Additionally, we accept payments through Time to Pet, accepting all types of credit and debit cards.


Ida C
Ida C
Read More
Samanta took extremely good care of Tosca, she has been very thorough in the pre-visit in asking questions and we could tell she has lots of experience. She took lots of pictures at each drop-in, often changed games and groomed her. We (and Tosca) were lucky to have her!
Cameron A.
Cameron A.
Read More
Samanta was an incredible pet sitter for me and my baby boy and provided regular updates with photos during each visit. Super communicative and I greatly appreciated the chance to meet before leaving to ensure everything would be taken care of. I can’t recommend Samanta enough and I’m sure I will be a recurring client in the future!
Jessie C.
Jessie C.
Read More
Samanta was great. She knows cats and truly cares about them. She was reliable and punctual. I was lucky to find her taking care of my fur baby while being out of town.
Abi M.
Abi M.
Read More
Samanta was wonderful while I out of the country for 10 days! She was very communicative and kept me up to date about my two cats so I didn’t have to worry. One of my cats had tummy issues and she took such good care of him. Also, Samanta takes the best pictures! I will definitely be rebooking with Samanta
Lita C.
Lita C.
Read More
Samanta is dependable and communicative. She is a true professional and a cat lover. She gave us gifts which is an extra lovely touch and very thoughtful. It is clear that she knows her stuff about cats and we are very lucky to have her around!
Angela B.
Angela B.
Read More
Samanta is amazing! I just moved to the area and was nervous about finding a cat sitter because Goose is not the easiest cat! Samanta calmed all my nerves by listening to all of Goose's needs and by sending cute pictures of her during her visits. I felt open to message her any questions and for any updates. Samanta requires a meet up before her first visit- which I love! She got to meet Goose and I personally got to show her around the house. 5/5 stars!
Constance R.
Constance R.
Read More
We couldn't have asked for a better cat sitter than Samanta! She took care of our cat Bagheera while we were away on a last-minute trip, and we're so grateful for her exceptional service. Samanta visited Bagheera daily, sending us adorable pictures that kept us reassured she was in great hands. Her love for animals truly shines through, and it's clear she treated Bagheera with the same care and affection as if she were her own. We were impressed by Samanta’s professionalism and reliability, and we'll definitely be reaching out to her for future pet-sitting needs. If you're looking for a caring and trustworthy pet sitter, we highly recommend Samanta! Thank you again for everything, Samanta! Constance, Greg & Bagheera
Alina C.
Alina C.
Read More
Samanta was really great with my two cats. They loved her a lot, as she had a way to make them happy! Samanta also helped our place look tidy from kitties mess, which was a very pleasant surprise for us. She was very kind to leave us a bag with goodies for cats, which they have been enjoying. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone and book her again next we leave on vacation.
Braden W.
Braden W.
Read More
Samantha does an amazing job taking care of our cats, watching out for signs they might not ve doing well and making sure they have everything they need. Highly reccomend you working with her!
Joanna Z.
Joanna Z.
Read More
Samanta was amazing! She was on time, professional, and very reliable! She made sure to send us very detailed updates on the kitties. She not only did what we requested but went above and beyond to make sure the kitties were happy and taken care of. And the kitties absolutely adored her. I highly recommend Samanta and would not hesitate to leave the kitties in her care again

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